Growth Mindset Methodology

Learning Process

Our learning process equips students to discover and acquire new knowledge and skills through student-centric, activity-based and exploratory learning experiences. We cultivate entrepreneurial thinking, promote deep understanding and enable effective application of new knowledge.

Students shall:

Work in a team

Solve real world problems

Adopt entrepreneurial thinking

Identify knowledge gaps & research

Real world problems are never static. Hence, they serve as excellent learning stimulus. We believe that by solving real world problems that students can relate to and care for motivate them to investigate, innovate and iterate. This promotes deep learning that is useful and easy to remember and apply.

The 4 learning spaces are:

1. Sense-making

2. Brainstorming

3. Learning & Assessing

4. Reflecting

Learning Outcomes of PBL Students

  • 1. Work collaboratively in team to solve problems.

  • 2. Listen, read, view critically with accuracy and understand from a wide range information sources.

  • 3. Problem-solve using 4Es: Evaluate, Explore, Experiment and Enrich.

  • 4. Conduct self-directed learning.

  • 5. Adopt entrepreneurial thinking to make bold bets, innovate and iterate for improvement.

  • 6. Speak, write and represent in internationally acceptable English grammar and vocabulary to communicate meaning and achieve impact.

In this learning process, students are empowered and responsible to chart their own learning. As they continue in this way of learning, students find a greater joy for learning that ignites their passion in learning for life.

Growth Mindset’s Value Proposition