Our Programmes

At Growth Mindset, we harness the natural curiosity of children
to solve real-world problems by helping them learn how-to-learn.

Growth Mindset Methodology

No memorisation, no frantic drills, no answer keys — just as it is with the real world that you and I experience.

We offer a sandbox for you to experiment, succeed or fail, and figure things out. We are unconstrained by traditional subjects or disciplines. Let’s marvel at the beauty of science, mathematics and technology, and the arts, society and history that underpin it. We build the foundation to communicate our ideas clearly and persuasively.

At Growth Mindset, that’s how we learn in life. Our learners grow to become independent thinkers, daring explorers, creative problem solvers, and effective collaborators ready to make a positive impact.

Reviews & Testimonials

Kids Programmes

July 10, 2021August 28, 2021$640.00 8 Qty Available

[Growth Mindset lessons] Term 3: Beyond the Garden City

Discover a whole new world in our backyard! $80 per…
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June 17, 2021$200.00 This event has passed

Coloured Account: Natural Dye Workshop

Enraptured by colours in nature? We’ll learn why these colours…
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June 18, 2021$200.00 This event has passed

Journey from Bean to My Belly

Love chocolate? Join our chocolate-themed camp to learn all about…
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December 31, 2021$0.00 7 Qty Available

[Growth Mindset lessons] Complimentary trial

Want to learn more about our Growth Mindset lessons? Sign…
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March 20, 2021May 15, 2021$640.00 This event has passed

[Growth Mindset lessons] Health Check 2

Empower your child with the growth mindset to care for…
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January 9, 2021March 6, 2021$640.00 This event has passed

[Growth Mindset lessons] Health Check 1

Equip your child with a growth mindset and the knowledge…
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Adult Programmes

February 20, 2021 This event has passed

[Mothers’ Talk] Is enrichment necessary?

Join fellow mothers in a 1.5h facilitated discussion to create…
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